Meaning & Pronunciation

MOTF’s name (pronounced mo-teef) is a reference to the dynamic nature of a deep lake, and that of the sophisticated woman who wears MOTF. The strong, naturally beautiful qualities shared by both are a shared thread running through the lives of naturally chic women: charm, calm, gentle power.

MOTF sees the two as sisters in spirit reflecting one another’s natural beauty. Both are calm on the surface yet full of life, and strong in presence yet adaptable by nature. It is an intuitive metaphor that sparks versatile creations for versatile women. Inspired by nature’s details and produced in respect to her world, MOTF consistently offers chic wear-to-work attire through artful design.




Women in today’s working world hold multitudes. Endlessly driven by their passions, they hold many roles in their professional and personal lives, moving between them with elegance and determination. Like the gentle waters of a lake, these women remain poised as they enter their life’s most polished chapter.

We show these dreamers and leaders alongside the nature and aquatic imagery that serves as the artistic inspiration for their naturally chic style. Rich cashmeres and soft silks are represented in the gentle textures and movement of the lakeside themes.  

Showing diverse, powerful, and confident women going after what they want in all facets of life, this direction captures spirited female professionals making waves and establishes MOTF as their go-to source for confident, price-happy dressing.



MOTF believes in the stylish union of nature and art. The sophisticated silhouettes of MOTF’s collections are crafted from the finest fabrics borrowed from nature and polished with fine tuned and original artistic design. MOTF dresses women in a versatile, work-chic wardrobe in harmony with their poetic lifestyles.



MOTF’s beauty comes from the poetic union of nature and art.

The MOTF woman needs this work-chic wardrobe to stylishly support her growth through any professional path. She is taken care of because MOTF crafts versatile looks for naturally versatile women.

MOTF presents naturally chic, wear-to-work attire. All fabrics are borrowed from earth’s finest natural materials - whether it is a cotton ball plucked from the stem or fresh wool sheared from a mountain sheep. All designs are immersed in high art - whether it is a sprawling landscape or a jacquard weave. MOTF is inspired by nature’s innate artistry and reflects it in the elegant tailoring of its collections.

Embrace the femininity that lies within your soul and uncover your natural beauty and strength. Bring confidence to your everyday workplace with a wardrobe of smart essentials. Add spark to life’s glamorous events with fine silk dresses and fabulously chic garments.

Chicness comes naturally to the MOTF woman.




MOTF is composing the new business-chic dress code with elevated pieces that embrace femininity and the natural poetry of women’s personal style. MOTF is made from premium, naturally-bred fabrics for garments that are inspired by and produced with great respect for the natural world. Thoughtful design produces stylish clothes that naturally fit any professional environment.

MOTF - Inspiration from the natural world to naturally fit your world.